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Fortress Stabilization Systems, Inc. Fortress Stabilization Systems, Inc.
Dexter, MI

FORTRESS STABILIZATION has developed a Carbon-fiber/Kevlar grid strap reinforcementsystem, designed to stabilize foundations that have fractured or bowed due to soil pressure, water damage or other causes.

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Easy Installation

For contractors, a big advantage of using externally applied carbon fiber reinforcement is the speed and ease of installation. “The labor is about 65% to 70% less than what’s required for traditional methods,” says Jackson.

Fortress Stabilization’s simple six-step installation process requires no digging, drilling, concrete removal or attachment hardware. The Carbon/Kevlar straps come with a peel-off backing material that, when removed, leaves a bonding surface ready for adhesion to the prepared substrate. Installers apply the epoxy through a static mixer, so no measuring or mixing is required. Once the epoxy cures (generally 1 hour depending on temperature), the process is complete.

To ensure quality control, Fortress trains and certifies all contractors who install the system. Fortress also provides installers with a kit that comes with all the supplies needed, including the Carbon/Kevlar straps, premixed epoxy and vacuum lamination equipment. Jackson estimates that the company now has a network of 142 certified installers in 35 states as well as in Canada and Ecuador.

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