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North East Amvic Distributors PUSH the ICF Envelope

North East Amvic Distributors PUSH the ICF Envelope -

I would like to congratulate & WELCOME Dave Biddle from Johnson Insulation, LLC. out of Oxford, Michigan, to the Amvic North East Distributor family.  Dave, his crew and yours truly wasted no time on tackling a very difficult build recently.  A double basement foundation with multiple jump walls/footings, 14' to 10' drops, multiple tie in walls and (as you will see from some of the pics), tremendous yet frustrating soil conditions.  Some pics show exactly where the next jump footings will be or be built and have to tie into the existing one we built down below. Don't let the grades fool you, it's more intimidating than it looks; trust me I fell in once, maybe twice!  The concrete pour will happen hopefully a week from this Friday and we will continue to send progress pics for this most interesting build.  Yesterday we completed the 6" to 6" Brick-ledge tie in and the 6" Taper Top Course, those pics to follow soon... Dave, thanks again for your hospitality and once again your crew was excellent. Onward & Upward!!

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