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Opportunities For A New business Or Expansion Of An Existing Business

Traditionally, homes with basements were built on concrete block foundations. Today, most new homes are being built on poured wall foundations. Both types of construction can lead to leaking basement walls.

When a block wall foundation leaks, the classic solution is a costly drain tile repair.

This costs thousands of dollars, takes days, and most often requires the breaking up of sections of the basement floor. When a poured wall foundation cracks and leaks (and most walls do eventually crack and leak) the best solution is typically injection crack repair, which costs only hundreds of dollars.

In many regions of this country, established waterproofing repair contractors still recommend the drain tile repair process over crack injection for poured wall foundation leaks. With limited exceptions, this is like using an elephant gun to hunt a mouse.

This opens opportunities for those who are looking for a new business to get into or are looking to expand or diversify their present business.

For additional information on being a crack injection repair contractor please see the list below.

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