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Applied Technologies Applied Technologies
Cincinnati, Ohio

Applied Technologies manufactures spray applied exterior foundation waterproofing products and spray equipment for residential and commerical applications.

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What is foundation waterproofing?

Foundation waterproofing is applied to the exterior side of a foundation, most often during construction of the building. Waterproofing forms a barrier that stops water from entering into the interior of a basement. Foundation waterproofing MUST be able to do two things:

1. Stop water under hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the force that ground water in the soil exerts against the foundation wall. It is possible for this pressure to actually force water and water vapor through a foundation wall. The more water that is in the soil the greater the hydrostatic pressure will be. Also, the deeper the foundation is, the greater the hydrostatic pressure will be.

2. Span cracks in a foundation

Shrinkage cracks develop in foundations as the concrete cures. This is a natural process that occurs in all foundations. Therefore, a waterproofing product must span these cracks to maintain an impermeable membrane against the water. This crack bridging ability is achieved by the addition of rubber polymers. The greater the rubber content, the higher the crack bridging ability.

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