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Emecole, Inc. Emecole, Inc.
Romeoville, IL

Emecole Inc. manufactures epoxy and polyurethane based materials used for concrete crack repair and waterproofing. Emecole also manufactures dispensing equipment, surface ports, corner ports, grout injection packers, and other tools designed for efficient injecting of fast reacting dual component polymers.

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What a Contractor or Home Repair Specialist should know about Low Pressure Crack Injection Repair

The need for qualified concrete foundation crack repair contractors is growing with the increasing number of homes being built with poured wall foundations. This opens the opportunity for contractors to start or expand their business incorporating the effective and simple epoxy or urethane foam low pressure crack injection method.( link to concrete repair bulletin article)
In many areas, the local waterproofing contractors still recommend repairing basement leaks using the existing drain tile methods they learned for concrete block repair. This method of foundation repair still exists in spite of the fact that most poured concrete foundation cracks can be effectively repaired by the time-proven, more economical, epoxy or urethane foam low pressure crack injection method. Crack Injection Or Drain Tile Method For Repairing Leaking Basements.

Concrete contractors’ unfamiliarity to present methods of concrete crack injection in foundation repair also resulted from initially using methods more suited to the repair of heavily leaking concrete cracks. These methods were originally developed for the repair of leaking dams and other large concrete structures. They require the use of high pressure dispensing equipment. Today, a contractor can walk into a concrete basement with a bucket holding the dual cartridge dispensing tool, a few dual-cartridges of material, surface ports, a trowel, and a wire brush and be prepared to do low pressure repair of a poured wall basement leak. The present process is user-friendly and very cost effective relative to other existing approaches. Your initial investment is very low, versus the thousands of dollars you will spend on high pressure dispensing equipment

Recommended Starter Foundation Crack Repair Kit (30 Feet)

Repair Kit Contents:

The Emecole kit includes all of the materials and accessories for low-pressure injection and repair of approximately 30 linear feet of cracks.

  • 3 dual cartridges Emecole 301 Surface Seal
  • 3 dual cartridges Emecole 102 Urethane Foam
  • 1 syringe Emecole 455-0.5 Fast Blow Hole Repair/ Port Adhesive.
  • 3 ¼ x 24 element mixers
  • 3 retaining nuts
  • 50 surface ports and caps
  • 10 corner ports
  • 4 hose assemblies
  • 1 Jake 300/300/150 manual dispenser
  • 5 pair latex gloves
  • 1 plastic trowel and 1 wire brush
  • 1 CD crack repair instruction video
  • MSDSs/PDs/How to use Jake Tool
  • 1 tool box

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