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Mold is not a modern concern. A painstaking method for eradicating mold is described in the Bible in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 14. With modern equipment, the process has not become any easier to remediate or control.

Two elements of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are humidity and temperature. Mold spores form and grow when three ideal components are present—oxygen, food, and moisture. Mold is not often detected until it is quite advanced. Oxygen exists everywhere on earth. Food sources are virtually infinite in supply. The dust and dirt in a typical home environment, drywall, and even wallpaper paste are just a few examples. When moisture is present at an ideal temperature combining with the ideal amount of oxygen and food, mold begins growing.

Some of the more deadly molds, such as stachybatras, rarely grow in situations with intermittent moisture. Controlling moisture is effective to some degree, but every waterproofing system has limitations. Internal sources including plumbing and roofing leaks exceed the latent removal capacity of a waterproofing system. HVAC systems remove moisture from the air quite effectively. However, they are not designed to remove moisture from pinpointed accumulation spots such as a puddle in the crawl space or attic.

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