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Due to the nature of our industry, it is more important than ever to determine a precise mold policy and more importantly to concisely communicate the policy to your employees and customers. With the actions of the lawyers and politicians who do not understand what is involved, it is only to your advantage to protect your business interests and liabilities.

If your waterproofing business is profitable, you may wish to consider the pros and cons of mold testing and remediation. Having the time and money to invest and provide accurate analyses and solutions to these concerns may have their appeal.

Otherwise, you may be well-advised to stay clear of the quagmire and refer your customers to an expert. Remember that the liabilities are continuing to increase and insurance companies are continuing to exclude this type of coverage. The following questions can help you get a firm grasp on determining your company’s mold policy.

Do you feel confident that you can resolve a potential or existing mold concern? Make certain to have the necessary facts and resources to evaluate the pros and cons, source of the mold growth, and the liabilities involved. What future maintenance measures will be recommended to prevent recurrence?

Do you have access to outside help for resolving these matters? If you do not have a lot of experience, it would be beneficial to seek out others in this field and determine whether they would be available for questions and personal mentoring assistance.

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