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Basement Drainage Systems

Basement Technologies, Inc. is a leader in design innovation of the basement waterproofing industry. Due to extensive research and development, OUR products have proven themselves far superior to our competitors. We are successful for a reason. Our products work. We have many patents and patent pending products, which will make your basement dry. Our products are thoroughly tested and engineered to provide you with a dry basement. Basement Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures, patents, installs and sells all its own products.

The Water Trek Aqua Route® system is comprised of two unique patented components. The design enables your Basement Technologies dealer to solve any situation encountered under the floor. Your dealer can "custom tailor" each system to each subfloor situation encountered. Our exclusive, versatile, "no clog" self-washing, adjustable depth system creates a dry basement - forever!

The Water Grabber® Sump System Extraordinaire
Most waterproofing systems are done on the inside of the home. When interior drainage systems are installed, they need a central ejection device - a way to get the water from the basement to the outside of the home. The Water Grabber®, Sump Pump Extraordinaire, is the heart and lungs of our system. The Water Grabber® consists of a Radon Sealed polyethylene basin with a sealed or split lid. The basin is 18" wide by 24" deep with 3/8" perforations to let the water in. We use 3/4" gravel to surround the basin to help filter the water. The pumping device is a Barnes 1/3 H.P. cast iron pump rated at 2,900 gallons per hour and will pump out 1/2" solids as well. Engineer's tests prove this pump is the best available, and we back it with an extended warranty for the life of the home, as long as the pump is serviced annually.

Basement Technologies’ model company, Boston Basement Technologies offers a twenty-four hour emergency service line. If one of Boston Basement Technologies’ customers has an emergency in the middle of the night, he/ she can call our emergency hotline and someone will return their call promptly. Basement Technologies, Inc.'s patented products insure that your basement will be dry.

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